Sacred Landfill

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Paintings by Rob D Davies
Dates: 1 – 30 April, 2019
Location: 5 Bold Place, Liverpool, L1 9DN
Times: 24/7

Rob D Davies shows his large format and delicately rendered watercolours inspired by our desire for a utopian world set within idyllic landscapes. However, as with the modern English countryside, with its varied pockets of semi-industrial and semi-wild views, Davies mixes in the uncomfortable reality of the dirt and chaos that also surround us.

Willow Pattern Stories

Works on paper and projected animation by Josie Jenkins


Dates:  18th May 2018 – Friday 1st June 2018
Location:  5 Bold Place, Liverpool, L1 9DN
Times:  07:30 to 00:00 daily

In Willow Pattern Stories Jenkins uses household patterns and household objects taken from different traditions and cultures to explore themes of security, control and colonialism. Included is the Willow Pattern design, which was developed by English ceramic artists and inspired by blue and white wares from China.