Art in Windows is a small organisation that works with landlords and artists to commission and curate temporary and permanent artworks for display in empty windows in and around Liverpool.

Windows have varied from those in empty shops in the city centre and on local high streets, to empty units in shopping centres and even in houses on residential streets.

Art in Windows’ displays range from a single installation for two weeks, to a series of different installations across many months.

Benefits to all

Art in Windows’ approach to curating public artworks benefits all involved. Artists get an opportunity to create site specific work that explores and reflects upon a specific location, as well as gaining exposure to a wide section of the public.

Landlords get to increase the commercial value of and interest in, their empty or underused properties, by re-vitalising the buildings’ physical appearance and providing possible clients with an example of their properties’ potential, by putting it to creative use.

The local community also benefits, getting a boost to their local environment by having points of neglect turned into points of interest.